any questions


1.  Does it hurt?   Not at all. The casting mixture remains flexible and the hand or foot slides easily out of the mould.

2. Where do you take the cast?   We can come to you for a call out fee, depending on your location. Or you could visit us at our locations in Weybridge, Surrey or Ringwood, Hampshire/DORSET. We also cover the Middlesex area.

3. Is the casting mixture safe?   Yes, the casting mixture has been specifically designed for taking skin moulds.

4. What is the casting mixture made of?  The casting mixture is an alginate (seaweed-based) product that dentists use to make teeth impressions.

5. How long does the mixture stay on for?  The mixture sets in a few minutes and it doesn't matter if your baby moves or wriggles in that time. An impression will be taken as the mixture sets.

6. How long does it take?   The whole visit lasts approximately 30mins, most of which is you choosing the style of frame.  Your baby will be in the cast for approximately 2 minutes per hand or foot.

7. Is it messy?   No. The casting can take place anywhere.  A protective cover is used just in case and if any mixture is spilt it peels off easily and cleanly.

8. When will the finished product be ready?   The framed plaster casts will take approx 2-3 weeks from the day we take the cast. Aluminium and bronze casts will take approx. 6-8 weeks.

9. How can you pay?  We accept cash, cheque or BACS payments, either when the casting is taken or when you receive the finished product.  Sorry, we cannot accept card payments.

10.  We have twins and/or older siblings – have you got larger frames ?  Yes, we can put twins castings either in individual frames or in a frame for 4 hands and feet.  We can cast babies with older siblings and/or put the older child in a frame of their own if you didn’t get it done when they were younger – they still look lovely, just a bit larger !  Just enquire for a quote for the larger frames.